Sonic Series is a 2010 sub-series of N-Strike and Vortex. Blasters in this series were all Toys R Us exclusives. They are distinguished by their translucent green coloration. They are slightly more powerful than their regular counterparts as their internals are slightly better, but their shells are weaker.


Picture Name Year
Sonic deploy Deploy CS-6 2010
Sonic Maverick Maverick REV-6 2010
Sonic nite finder Nite Finder EX-3 2010
No Image Available Recon CS-6 2010
No Image Available Vulcan EBF-25 2010
No Image Available Barricade RV-10 2011
Sonic Barrel Break Barrel Break IX-2 2011
Sonic longstrike

Longstrike CS-6

Sonicstampede Stampede ECS 2011
Sonic praxis Praxis 2012
Sonic proton Proton 2012
No Image Available Vigilon 2012


  • It is the only color sub-series that features re-colored Vortex blasters.
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