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*The {{PAGENAME}} used to be found on carded packaging.
*The {{PAGENAME}} used to be found on carded packaging.
*It was the only [[2002]] [[Super Soaker]] without a series.
*It was the only [[2002]] [[Super Soaker]] without a series.
[[Category:Super Soaker]]
[[Category:Super Soaker]]
[[Category:Blasters introduced in 2002]]
[[Category:Blasters introduced in 2002]]

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Year Released:

2002, 2010, 2011



Stock Capacity:

1.05L of water


Super Soaker, Nerf Super Soaker

The Splashfire is a 2002 Super Soaker that holds 1.05L of water. It was the only Power Soaker-type blaster produced in 2002, and was quite a good blaster for its time. It was a simple piston pumper blaster, which is fired by pulling and pushing the black grip forward and backward. It actually held a decent amount of water for its size, but was also very light, with a weight of just 360 grams, or 12.72 ounces. However, it has a limited pump volume of just 35mL, but because of this limited pump volume, a lot of shots are needed to drain the blaster. It has an opaque reservoir, making it rather difficult for one to determine the amount of water left. It also has a tethered cap, but there is a very small opening in the reservoir which makes refilling a little bit tricky. It was rereleased in 2010 with a blue and gray color scheme for unknown reasons, but it is likely to bring back the Power Soaker feel or just because it is popular. It was rereleased once again in 2011, with updated box artwork and slight cosmetic changes, and the Nerf Super Soaker series is where it has remained ever since. It is classified as a piston blaster.


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  • The Splashfire used to be found on carded packaging.
  • It was the only 2002 Super Soaker without a series.
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