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Stampede ECS
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

18 Streamline Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

$49.99 USD



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The Stampede ECS was released on September 9th, 2010. It has a detachable grip/bipod mounted on the underside of the blaster. The blaster comes with three 18 dart clips and one 6 dart clip equaling 60 rounds in total that come with the blaster. Also included is a detachable shield that you can attach to some blasters and a grip/bipod that is detachable via the standard N-Strike tactical rail system. The blaster is the first full-automatic clip system blaster. It retailed for $49.99 USD. It was advertised in the "Clear Series" advertisement, which also showed previous blasters being remade with a transparent color.

Features Edit

The Stampede ECS comes with the the following features:

  • Blast Shield - A mini-shield that attaches on top of the Stampede. Can block opposing darts. Has a rail release button that will allow you to remove it without having to slide it off the rail.
  • Tactical Rail- A rail that can have attachments put on it. This blaster has 6.
  • Pop-Out Bipod - An extendable bipod used to place the blaster for important shots. Doubles as a fore-grip.
  • 18 Dart Clip - An eighteen dart clip. The blaster comes with three of these.
  • Iron Sight - Similar to that of the Deploy CS-6 and the RapidStrike CS-18
  • 6 Dart Clip - A clip holding six darts. The blaster comes with one of these.

Trivia Edit

  • The Stampede was released on September 9th, 2010 (9/9/10).
  • The Stampede ECS is one of the heaviest Nerf blasters.
    • Despite this, on the below commercial, someone was shooting one with each hand.
  • When the blaster was first viewed by select members of the NIC that were invited to the launch event, the original name of the blaster was Stampede ECS-50, in the same styling of every other N-Strike blaster. It seems that after a certain NIC ambassador mentioned to one of the designers that the number 50 should have been a 60, the designer went to speak to a colleague. Sure enough, when they were released, the only ones that said 50 were in display cases. Strangely, the Stampede in its Japanese commercial had a 50 on its label, but the people making the commercial said ECS instead of ECS-50.
    • The reason for the Stampede originally being called the Stampede ECS-50 was because it was originally supposed to come with a 50-dart drum. Hasbro later scrapped this idea, due to complications with the drum and the inability to acquire the patent before the blaster's release.
    • The Japanese version, distributed by Takara-Tomy, was known as the Blazing Burst ECS.
  • It is the blaster with the most tactical rails.
  • There is a keychain based on it.

Commercial Edit

2010 Commercial N-Strike Stampede

2010 Commercial N-Strike Stampede

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