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Stefans are homemade Nerf Ammunition that act as back-up Micro Darts. They were created by Stefan Mohr, from who they get their name from. They are made by hot gluing foam backer rods to ball bearings or fishing weights. They get better ranges because of their weight. They come in the sizes: Nano, Micro, Mega, Jumbo, Mongo. They are compatible with nearly every dart-firing blaster through modification.

How to Make Edit

  • 1. Cut foam to uniform lengths
  • 2. Straighten foam with heat, either by using a Hair Dryer or Drying Machine.
  • 3. Add weights to the dart (you can use BB pellets, Fishing Weights, or Washers)
  • 4. Cover weight to prevent damage/injury (Hot Glue, more FBR, Plastidip, Felt Pads)

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