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Streamline Darts

The Streamline Dart is a Nerf dart that is compatible with all clip system N-Strike blasters. It is also referred to as the Clip System Dart because of this aspect.

These darts had gained a negative reputation for being inaccurate. To make the head as narrow as the foam, some weight needed to be moved back inside the dart, relative to all previous Micro Dart designs.

Many Nerfers who like to modify their dart blasters, also modify their Streamline Darts, as well. These modifications usually consist of injecting the plastic dart head with hot glue using a precision hot glue gun through the small hole in it. This makes the dart more stable in flight by moving its center of mass forward. However, this may reduce their range and will cause more pain on impact.

The Streamline Dart, along with the other older Micro Dart variations, have since been replaced by the Elite Dart with the introduction of the N-Strike Elite range. The newer Elite Darts fire at a longer range than the older Streamline Darts and are more reliable.

List of compatible blasters Edit

All Clip System blasters

Trivia Edit

  • Some non-Clip System blasters designed for Micro Darts can fire Streamline Darts, but the posts in their barrels may be too long and require modification to be compatible.
  • Sometimes, when shot right, a Streamline Dart will potentially whistle.
  • Some blasters will not fire Streamline darts with as much range as other darts for some reason. However, some blasters, like the Hail-Fire and Crossfire work better with Streamlines.
  • These darts are often used to assemble Grenades.
  • Streamline Darts are named Stream Darts in the Japanese Takara-Tomy version of the N-Strike line.
  • These darts are incompatible with the Rampage.
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