SuperMAXX Xtreme is a Larami Series that was released in 1995.

SuperMAXX Xtreme Logo.png

Details:[edit | edit source]

This series was the successor to the then-previous SuperMaxx series, but was discontinued by Hasbro when they acquired Larami in 1996, making it one of the shortest-lived series to date. It was supposed to be much bigger than the initial series, but was cut off once Larami was bought out. For this reason, many of the blasters are cancelled, and only one isn't incredibly rare, the SuperMAXX 2500, which is very rare in it of itself.

Released Blasters:[edit | edit source]

Image Name Year
Vintage-1996-larami-supermaxx-xtreme 1 c7d822c971fdfc8f3041dfc079aa2eb7.jpg
SuperMAXX 700 1995
SuperMAXX Xtreme 2500 released.jpg
SuperMAXX 2500 1995
SuperMAXX Xtreme 5000.jpg
SuperMAXX 5000 1995
SuperMAXX Xtreme Ball Blaster.jpg
SuperMAXX Ball Blaster 1995

Cancelled/Unreleased[edit | edit source]

Image Name Year
SuperMAXX 750 MK-I.png
SuperMAXX 750 MK-I 1996
SuperMAXX 750 MK-II.png
SuperMAXX 750 MK-II 1996
SuperMAXX 750 MK-III.png
SuperMAXX 750 MK-III 1996
SuperMAXX 1200.png
SuperMAXX 1200 1996
SuperMAXX 2500(unreleased).png
SuperMAXX 2500 1996
Super Rocket 100.jpg
Super Rocket 100 1996
Super Rocket 60.jpg
Super Rocket 60 1996
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