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Larami Balls, Ballistic Balls, Arrows, Missiles, Foam Disks, Buzzing Missiles, Larami Darts and Micro Darts

SuperMaxx is a series of Nerf blasters from 1994 to 2001. These blasters generally have spectacular ranges and decent rates of fire. All of these blasters are air-powered, and most of them fire darts, except for the SuperMaxx Disc Shooter, SuperMaxx 1500 (1994 model), SuperMaxx Ball Shooter. These blasters are now highly coveted by both Nerfers and modders alike (other than the SuperMaxx Disc Shooter).

From 1994 to 1997, they were sold by Larami, the original makers of Super Soaker, and utilized Larami Darts. In 1997, Larami merged with Hasbro and the SuperMaxx line became a part of the Nerf line, and later blasters used Micro Darts. It was succeeded by the Airtech series. It spawned several other sub-themes, including AirMaster, SuperTech and Small Soldiers. It was thought for a long time that the Air Zone Air Bazooka was a Nerf blaster, but this theory has since been proven wrong.

Larami SuperMaxx Blasters Edit

# Picture Name and Info
1 SuperMaxx500
SuperMaxx 500
2 SuperMaxx1000
SuperMaxx 1000
3 SuperMaxx1500-94
SuperMaxx 1500
4 SuperMaxxBallGun
SuperMaxx Ball Shooter
5 SuperMaxxSystem2000
SuperMaxx System 2000

SuperMaxx Xtreme Blasters Edit

# Picture Name and Info
1 SuperMaxx700
SuperMaxx 700
2 SuperMaxx2500
SuperMaxx 2500
3 SuperMaxx5000X
SuperMaxx 5000
4 SuperMaxxBallBlaster
SuperMaxx Xtreme Ball Shooter

Nerf SuperMaxx Blasters Edit

# Picture Name and Info
1 284788 242854945732398 146249752059585 974291 5370162 n-1
SuperMaxx 250
2 Sm350box
SuperMaxx 350
3 SM750B
SuperMaxx 750
4 SM750U
SuperMaxx 750 (Updated)
5 1500
SuperMaxx 1500
6 SM1500Updated
SuperMaxx 1500 (Updated)
7 Green3000
SuperMaxx 3000 (Green)
8 BlueMaxx
SuperMaxx 3000 (Updated)
9 3000Y
SuperMaxx 3000 (Yellow)
10 SuperMaxx5000
SuperMaxx 5000
SuperMaxx Disc Shooter
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