SuperMaxx System 2000
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

3 Larami Balls
3 Larami Arrows
5 Larami Darts



The SuperMaxx System 2000 is a 1994 SuperMaxx blaster that holds 3 Larami Balls, 3 Larami Arrows and 5 Larami Darts, also coming packaged with a target. It is, in fact, the original version of the Nerf SuperMaxx 5000. The SuperMaxx System 2000 is one of the rarest blasters on the planet. It is significantly rarer than other blasters such the Nerf Glider Launcher and the Crossbow, but not as rare as the SuperTech 9000 or the SuperMAXX 1500 Rapid-Fire Missile Blaster. It had gotten mixed reviews. At one point in 1995, it was re-released as the SuperMaxx 5000 under the SuperMaxx Xtreme series.

It uses an interchangeable barrel system, allowing users the choice of one of three ammunition types. One barrel fires Larami Balls, the second fires Larami Arrows, an the third fires Larami Darts.

In the late 1990s, it was re-released as a Nerf product, once again as the SuperMaxx 5000. The only difference with the Nerf version is that it fires foam Ballistic Balls and Nerf Arrows.


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