Super Charger
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Super Soaker

Super Charger was a short-lived hybrid series of Super Soakers that was first introduced in 1999. The series consisted of six blasters, and all blasters had the capability of using a quick-fill device to refill, which allowed faster reloads.

This was accomplished by connecting the nozzle of a blaster in the series to a hose, which is connected to the quick-fill device, and the blaster would fill itself up from there. Certain blasters, like the Super Charger Power Pak, would only fill via a quick-fill device; there were no other ways of filling it.

Despite the novel capabilities, it was discontinued in 2000.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name Year
BigTrouble Big Trouble 2000
SC400 Super Charger 400 1999, 2000
002 Super Charger 500 1999
SC600 Super Charger 600 1999
SuperChargerPowerPak Super Charger Power Pak 1999
Triple Charger Triple Charge 2000

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