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Super Soaker
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1989-2009, 2010-Present



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The Super Soaker line is a line of water blasters that are currently produced by Hasbro. They were initially introduced in 1990 under the name of "Power Drencher", but was soon changed before 1991. Their former owner, Larami, was shut down by Hasbro along with OddzOn in 2000, and the companies merged together in 2010. This is why they are marketed with the Nerf branding.

History Edit

Super Soaker was invented by Lonnie Johnson on November 13, 1989, the same year the first Nerf blaster came out. His ideas, however, originated back in 1982 when he, then working as a nuclear engineer, thought of a high-tech water gun for children. It took 8 years to develop the company and to market the first blaster, the Super Soaker 50. When it was launched, it had some heavy rivalry with companies like Entertech and Larami, whose blasters were more advanced because of their use of batteries. Batteries made these blasters less reliable and prone to breakage, as well as the costs of constantly buying new batteries. The Super Soaker 50 didn't require batteries, which made them cheaper for buyers. Advertised as the most powerful water gun ever, the Super Soaker 50 was immediately popular in the water gun crowd. Every Super Soaker that was released by Larami also had a key chain variant.

Current Blasters Edit


Past Blasters Edit

Note: Power Soaker blasters are not included here.


Year-to-year changes Edit

Every year, some new blasters are released while some older blasters carry over to the newer line. Every year since the late 1990's there has been a different reboxing of blasters that makes it easier to find out which year each blaster is from.

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