Super Soaker 10
Ss10 00
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

56mL of water


Classic Super Soaker

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The Super Soaker 10 (commonly abbreviated to SS10 or CS10) is a 1994 Super Soaker Classic Super Soaker blaster that holds 56mL of water. It is the size of many squirt-pistols like the Power Shot, however it uses air pressure which was new for its time. It is the smallest Classic blaster and has the smallest number. While a decent blaster back then, it has very limited power nowadays. It was replaced by the 1996 XP 15, a tiny blaster that came in different colors and designs. The pump is located in the bottom of the handle. As well, the pump itself has a very small holding space, making it hard to hold. It comes in four colors, with some being different designs.

Details Edit

The Super Soaker 10 was the first pocket Super Soaker. Despite being released in the last year for the series with much improved blasters over the previous years, performance of the Super Soaker 10 was very poor.

Variations Edit

  • The orange version out of box.
  • Three versions together, including the rare purple kind.

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of the smallest Super Soakers that has ever been released.
  • The modern-day equivalent would be the Microburst.
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