Super Soaker 300
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

9.3L of water


Classic Super Soaker

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The Super Soaker 300 (also abbreviated as the SS 300 for short, nicknamed "The Big One!") is a 1993 Classic Super Soaker that holds 9.3L of water when filled and pressurized. This made it the largest-capacity Super Soaker that was ever produced, even after its retail lifespan had ended. It is no longer available for purchase, as its home line has since been discontinued. It is classified as an air-pressurized soaker. It is easily considered the flagship blaster of 1993

At one point in time, the 300 was re-released in 1994 as the XP-300 in the XP series, because of its power compared to the other classic series Super Soakers. It was highly likely that the XP-300 was produced in extremely limited numbers, making it even rarer than the original version. The XP 300 was in turn succeeded by the XXP 275. The CPS 3000 and CPS 3200 could be considered its spiritual successors.

When the 300 was first released, it was considered the most powerful Super Soaker, until the introduction of the CPS 2000 Mk. I, which took that title in 1996.

The 300 features a backpack-type water reservoir that is worn by the user on their back. This reservoir is also connected to the soaker itself through a tube with a closeable tank valve. The soaker has three pressure chambers on it, and they are filled with water by pumping it, also pressurizing the soaker. Firing is achieved by pulling back a lever on the barrel of the soaker.

How to FireEdit

Step 1 - Fill the backpack reservoir with water.
Step 2 - Put the backpack onto your back.
Step 3 - Attach the tube to the main soaker.
Step 4 - Set the tank valve to the "Off" position and then pump 12 to 14 times to pre-pressurize the tanks.
Step 5 - Set the tank valve to "On" and continue pumping to maximum pressure.
NOTE: You must continue to refill the tanks with additional water by pumping before the water supply is completely depleted. Otherwise, the pre-pressurization procedure has to be repeated.
Step 6 - Pull back the lever to fire the soaker.


  • The SS 300 was the very first Super Soaker to feature a backpack-style water reservoir component.
  • The XP 250 has a modified form of the SS 300's design.

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