Tactical Scope Mission Kit
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N-Strike/Dart Tag Refills

The Tactical Scope Mission Kit is a Nerf refill pack that includes one Tactical scope and 10 Micro Darts. The darts use the signature color of the darts featured in N-Strike and Dart Tag blasters. It is still sold online on Nerf.com as well as in some stores that supply it. It is one of 4 refills to be included under the Mission Kits name in their refill packs.

Hasbro's Description

Gain an advantage over your opponent with this tactical scope for your NERF blaster! Center your target in the scope’s crosshairs and interchange the lenses for whatever mission you’re on! Zoom in and strike your target over extreme range with the ultimate in N-STRIKE accuracy!

Tactical scope comes with 10 suction darts.

Ages 6 and up.

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