Tactical vest
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The Tactical vest is an ammunition-holding vest that comes with two 6-Dart Clips and 12 Streamline Darts, the clips being exclusive transparent orange colored. It is colored black and fits most teenagers/young kids under 5'5. Despite the fact that you can fit four clips into slots on the vest, it only comes with two. There is also an N-Strike Elite version of the Tactical Vest that comes with Elite Darts.

Details Edit

The Tactical vest is basically a jacket that a Nerfer would wear to store extra ammunition and other items. In the holster many blasters can be stored such as the Spectre REV-5 and the Maverick REV-6, as well as tinier blasters such as the Scout IX-3 and Element EX-6. There is also a pocket in the front which can store many different kinds of items. It could be used to store darts, clips and small blasters such as the Jolt EX-1 and the Crossfire.

Gallery Edit

  • The N-Strike Elite variant.

Trivia Edit

  • It can sometimes be difficult to wear if you are over 5'6 or are an adult or older teenager.
  • Drums cannot be used in this as they fall out easily.
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