200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued. It can no longer be found in retail stores.
Tag Master Blaster
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

1 Laser Missile, unlimited Energy Beams, reload after 10 Shots

Average Retail Price(s):



Lazer Tag Team Ops

The Tag Master Blaster (TMB for short) is a Lazer Tag Team Ops series tagger which holds 1 Laser Missile. It is no longer available since its home line has since been discontinued. The pump acts like the stock, which can be locked into place by a switch and unlocked for pumping the blaster's Laser Missile launcher.

There were 2 codes of the TMB, known as the "old code" and "new code". The first 25,000 TMBs were known as the "old code" blasters, and had the same firing sound as the IRT-2X and the same Tag Confirmation sound as all the other LTTO taggers. "New code" TMBs were from the 25,001st unit and beyond.

Sounds Edit


Firing (old code)
Firing (new code)
Rocket ready
Firing missile
Auto reload, same as IRT-2X
Empty clip, same as IRT-2X
Tag landed confirmation (old code)
Tag landed confirmation (new code)


Power up
Ten-second countdown
Good luck
Locked-on to foe
Locked-on to friendly
Tagged a teammate
Tagged by teammate
Host listening
Joiner listening
Incorrect reply from joiner/Hosting aborted
Hosting problem
Player registered
Shields active
Tag received while shielded
Cannot fire
5 tags remaining
Danger/Proximity alert
Game over
Shut down
Menu navigation blip
Menu selection blip
Zone time
Hostile zone

Switch Positions Edit

  • Left - Unlock
  • Middle - Move pump and locks into place
  • Right - Lock

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only blaster in Lazer Tag history that can launch a physical projectile.

Games Edit

  • LTag
  • 2-Teams/3-Teams LTag
  • Custom
  • Tag Master Hide and Seek
  • Tag Master Hunt the Prey
  • 2-Kings/3-Kings
  • Hunt the Tag Master
  • Team VS The Tag Master
  • Tag Master VS Individual Players
  • 1-On-1
  • Survival
  • 2-Teams/3-Teams Survival
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