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Tech Target Blaster
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Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

3 Sonic Micro Darts (Formerly 3 Screamin' Mega Darts)

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Tech Target

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The Tech Target Blaster, also known as the Tech Target Eliminator, is a 2003 blaster that holds 3 Screamin' Mega Darts, and 3 Sonic Micro Darts in later releases. It was only included with the Tech Target set, which sold for $19.99. The blaster received good reviews. There have been three different blasters under this label. It primes, fires, and holds two extra darts very much the same way as the Nite Finder EX-3 and similar external single-shot blasters.

Old Tech Target Blaster

The original Tech Target Blaster

Trivia Edit

  • There are two versions, blue and green, and green and blue. The green and blue version is the more powerful version out of the two and is most commonly rebarreled for Micro Darts.
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