• Why must those Monster Series Super Soakers look so cool?! Although, I think the CPS 4100 had a better-looking colorway than the Monster, like a proper CPS soaker.

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    • Let's face it. The CPS 4100 is in essence just a recolored 2001 Monster, minus the QFD port. And it was classified as the biggest Super Soaker known to man until the Hydro Blitz came around (which technically isn't true because the Monster XL is bigger). Back when they were originally released, the Monster soakers were meant to look intimidating and were all very powerful soakers due to their rubber bladders. The interesting color schemes they had made them look intimidating, along with the multiple nozzle settings each soaker had. Besides, with a Monster soaker, you will rule the battlefield; these soakers, with their gargantuan sizes, commanded a lot of respect and induced a lot of fear on the battlefield, which is why they look so cool. Add that to the fact that the Monster XL is the biggest non-backpack soaker made by Larami, and you have a series with blasters that are a force to be dealt with on the battlefield.

      Adding to that, the CPS 4100, like I said, was classified as the largest Super Soaker there was until the Hydro Blitz came around. Because the CPS 4100 is based on the 2001 Monster, it's pretty dang huge. Makes sense why the sight of one of these can frighten your opponents, but they honestly will not frighten your opponents as much as when you wield a Super Soaker 300, XP 250, XXP 175, or the legendary CPS 2000, the most powerful water gun known to man.

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