Turbo Blast-Back Football/PassBack Football
Year Released:

1995, 1998


Yes, but not under the Nerf branding

Average Retail Price(s):

34.95 USD (PassBack Sport's price for the official football)


Nerf Sports, PassBack Sports

The Turbo Blast-Back Football is a 1995 Nerf football invented by Mike McGonigle. It is a split in half football, which allows it to spiral back to the one that threw it. It has flat tees as well, which allows it to be kicked powerfully. It can also be played with like a regular pro football. It is still being produced, but no longer by Hasbro or Kenner; but instead, by PassBack Sports under the name of PassBack Football.

Evolution of the Turbo Blast-Back Football Edit

  • The original pumpkin McGonigle chucked at the wall that inspired the product.
  • The Turbo Blast-Back Ball as it is sold today.
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