This is an article on types of soldiers.

Foot Soldier (Infantry) Edit

These soldiers are jacks of all trades, masters of none. For this class, you can have any weapon you like and should be a fast runner.

Machine Gunner Edit

Machine gunners are strong defensive. They should guard their team's base. They should have a full-auto blaster like the Rhinofire or the Vulcan.

Sniper Edit

These are the people with the best aim. They hide somewhere and pick people off using long-range blasters.You need a Longshot, Longstrike, Centurion, or Retaliator for this role.

Engineer Edit

These are the support fellas. They can make drones, bombs, etc. Ther should have a decent primary and be good at making Nerf grenades.

Assassin Edit

These guys are the hitmen of your team. Any stealthy gun will do for then. They must be sneaky, have good aim, and be fast on their feet.

General Edit

These guys are your leaders. They are the best at strategy and any blaster will do for them.


the scout have pistols

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