N-Strike DVD

The Unity Power System Target DVD is a DVD game that is included with the first generation of Unity Power System boxes.

The DVD puts players as the 'N-Strike Rookie' to work with Lt. Cole to hunt down Kree Dalenn and his drones.

How to play:

Note: It is best to use NERF suction darts, as they can help guide your accuracy. As you play the game, you can change to night vision by pressing the angle button, then pressing the angle button again to change back to normal vision and/or turn on the targeting computer by pressing the subtitle button to further enhance accuracy.

1) Accurately shoot at the drone being destroyed.

2) When the target screen pops up, click enter on the remote control for the target being hit, until the the screen says "collect your darts"

Hint: If a target does not have a dart hit, click the "X" the skip.

3) After completing the DVD, Hasbro commercials will appear, including the 2003 commercial of the Tech Target.

Level Codes:

1) 387 2) 531 3) 058

In the N-Strike database, the research and development section explains the description of the Scout IX-3, Hornet AS-6, and the Titan AS-V.1.

Note: DVD not for use with the Titan AS-V.1

In the advanced R&D section, it displays the N-Strike recolors of the Nite Finder EX-3, Secret Strike AS-1, and the Maverick REV-6 (under the name Prototype IX-6).

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