Urban Taggers
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Urban Taggers is an online website run by an Australian Nerfer named Pocket, from Canberra. The site was active from 2010 to 2013. They were a very popular website due to frequent blaster leaks, like the Vortex series, completely reviewed 2 months before release.

Controversy Edit

Urban Taggers was controversial as they could get sneak peeks of new blasters before anybody else. For example, they had gotten a Whiteout Series Maverick REV-6 before it was released, and the Lightningstorm long before release.

Fate Edit

Some time in March 2012, Urban Taggers was forced to shut down temporarily by Hasbro Lawyers. It has since come back, but no longer gets any blaster sneak peeks.

Closing Edit

As of 7/25/2013, Pocket announced that he would no longer be updating his blog. Many other blogs made posts in tribute to its departure.

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