aka the GOAT

  • I live in idk
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is jacking off
  • I am Male

My Blasters:

  • 1 Longshot (Blue)
  • 1 Longstrike (Blue)
  • One Stampede (Sonic)
  • Two Rampages (One Normal, One Sonic ICE)
  • One Elite Rayven
  • Two Barricades (One Broken, One Gear up)
  • Two Furyfires (G.I JOE)
  • Two Centurions (One Broken)
  • One Magnus (Under Modification)
  • One Deploy
  • One Hail Fire
  • One Revonix360
  • One Rapidstrike (Camo duct taped)
  • One Vulcan (Broken) (Getting a red strike)
  • One Pyragon
  • One Nite Finder
  • One Recon (Broken)
  • One Fusefire
  • One Hammershot
  • One Firestrike
  • One Stryfe
  • One Proton


REALNerfninja6, One of the first ARF's (I didn't hear about Rebelle till' later) and a great guy

NSA335, I love Halo, he is funny and a great guy too, never knew he was from Singapore XD

TMG, He also dosen't hate me, he likes Vintage a lot, he also hates the Secret Strike and Longstrike, which I'm cool with, Good Guy.

NK77, He's a Canadian too, which is cool. It's really simple to talk to him because he's a Canadian and understands how much stores in Canada SUCK for Nerf. He's a Cool Guy, 


Jetcell- Control Freak, but OK

Swelldrew69/Helldrew666/Ghastkid113- My friend in real life, but enemy on Wikia

Dartmaster8- Neutral


Fagstick1/Chikus11/Jethell/Rapidstryfe (Arch Nemises #2)-Spammers

NSA336 (Major)-Impersonation-spam

ThinkNoodles2 (Medium)-Idiot, Possibly a Spammer

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