Has any one ever seen this blaster before




Welcome <insert name here>

I am a High school student in WASHINGTON (not DC) My Xbox live gamer tag is xxx scarr13 xxx I have liked nerf for a long time MY YouTube name is Red MatterLabs check my channel out here

my collection includes

Mavrick REV-6

Spectre REV-5

Firefly REV-8

Long Strike CS-6

Raider CS-35

Deploy CS-6

Rayven CS-18

Nite Finder EX-3

Two Reflex IX-1's

Jolt EX-1


FireStrike (N-Strike Elite) full AR removed and light removed

Rough Cut 2x4

Triad EX-3

CrossFire Bow



Proton (white deco)

Vulcan EBF-25

Stampede ECS

2x Baracade RV-10's

Both Spiderman vs Venom Blasters

Titan AS-V.1

Tech Target Blaster

Rapid Fire AS-20

Recon (no sight or light)

Max Fource Rattler

Clear Sires Mavrick

Pre recalled Recon (pistol only)

(Buzzbee guns)

Two over under Modified Double Shots

Tek 10


Ultimate Beserker

Two Tek 6s

Overlord (milk carton ammo box and handle)

Two Old Side by Side Double shots


Ultimate Missle Blast

Belt Blaster

2 spy gear airzookas

Lanard Over Under

thats 41 no repeats or 48 with repeats

The picture is outdated check my youtube page

this list is very outdated due to some things in my personal life i will try to update it when i can


collection -7


collection -7

Friends Edit

TMG very good freind he was the first to show me this wiki has helped alot

RNN6 made anti control freaks wiki very good freind 

NSA very good freind tought me how to reveiw helped me alot

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