Nighttime Nerfer

aka a totally badass kirby

  • I live in your closet
  • My occupation is shooting up homes

I'm Nighttime Nerfer, but you can call me Nite.

I have awesome hair. Kind of a big deal.

My Arsenal:


Rough Cut 2x4


IMG 0194


Triad EX-3 (x2)

Rapidstrike CS-18

Maverick REV-6

Nite Finder EX-3

Elite Bandoiler Kit

Spectre REV-5 (N-Strike)


Jolt (Elite repaint)

Alpha Trooper CS-12

Scout EX-3 (x2)



NCC (NerfCommanderChris)- I met him on the chat one day, he's a really nice guy.

NSA335- This agent is very nice and helpful, and made me a chat moderator. Fun to chat with, too. Plus, over 8k edits? INSANE!

RNN6-  Although he is a little immature sometimes, he can be pretty funny and cool.

BSim- A great guy, he welcomed me to the wiki and checks up every now and then. Plus, he edits a lot.

Video Game Favorites



Team Fortress 2

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U < So hyped!

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