aka Doc

  • I live in Oklahoma
  • My occupation is Deez Nutz
  • I am A Bro
  • Bio A Nerfer! Le duh!
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Should be a huge help to the dart side of this wiki. I am effectively TheNerfEncyclopedia, so should be good. feel free to ask about any DART blaster. I will not be doing anything more, only answering questions. Don´t bother. Don't kick a dead animal .The address is

P.S. I am the founder of that wiki. It is under construction.

Trivia: Edit

  • First blaster: Longstrike CS-6
  • Am probably the only collector in Oklahoma.
  • Loves Pizza
  • Is ludicrously smart
  • Somehow has 32 Subs through no editing (youtube)
  • Luvs The Score (you should too)

Link to Youtube channel here:

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