Vaporize Your Competition!

–The Vaporizer's slogan

Year Released:

2004, 2005, 2006, 2008



Stock Capacity:

1.06L of water


SoakerTag, SoakerTag Elite, Max Infusion

The Vaporizer is a 2004 SoakerTag Super Soaker that holds 1.06L of water. It is a piston-pressure blaster. It is a big blaster, which takes its styling cues from the Helix's handle and Hydro Blade's body. It was rereleased several times in several lines; 2005's SoakerTag Elite, 2006's Max Infusion, and the 2008 series. It was dropped then after. It was likely dropped due to the increasing amount of piston blasters released in recent years.

Gallery Edit

  • The original Vaporizer.
  • The Max Infusion Vaporizer.
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