Year Released:

August 2012 (UK), Late 2012 International



Stock Capacity:

6 X-Shot Darts


X-Shot, X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Zombie Air Zone (Canada)

The Vigilante is a 2012 X-Shot blaster that holds 6 X-Shot Darts. It is one of the newer blasters in the lineup, and its look is reminiscent of a Lupara shotgun or an Over Under Double Shot. It is one of the competitors of the many double barrel shotgun like blasters, like Nerf's Barrel Break IX-2, Buzz Bee's Double Shot and Air Zone's Dual Fire Dart Blaster and Double Barrel Blaster. The top barrel gets more range than the bottom barrel. Unlike other double barrel shotgun-esque blasters, the Vigilante does not feature a two stage trigger. One trigger pull will result in only one dart being fired, so the blaster must be primed, fired, and primed again in order to fire the second dart.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Push the yellow nub at the back to unlock the barrels.
Step 2 - Pull down the barrels until they click.
Step 3 - Load 2 darts into the built-in "shells" or barrels.
Step 4 - Push up the barrels until they lock in place.
Step 5 - Slide action on bottom rail to prime blaster, pull trigger to fire a single dart. Slide the action back again to prime, pull trigger to fire second dart. Blaster fire alternates between lower barrel and upper barrel.

Gallery Edit

  • The Excel Vigilante.
  • The Zombie Vigilante.


  • It seems to resemble a real life Browning Over and Under Shotgun.
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