Vince Carter Electronic Basketball Challenge
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Nerf Sports, Nerfoop

The Vince Carter Electronic Basketball Challenge is a Nerf Sports Nerfoop variation that features an electronic backboard to play on. It is all purple and is now discontinued. It is, as the name suggests, sponsored by Vince Carter, a player for the Dallas Mavericks. This board includes three built in games to play as well as the regular function of just shooting into the hoop with the basketball. It needs 3 AA batteries.

Included Games Edit

Game 1: Vince Carter Calls the Shots Edit

In this game, you are "trained" to shoot the same shots that Vince Carter does in his games. You have eight seconds to shoot a basket and if you do it ten times in a row you win the game. It continues infinitely until you make ten baskets in a row.

Game 2: The Game of VINCE Edit

This game is basically a remake of the game "H-O-R-S-E" in which you play with a partner to shoot baskets. If you miss, you get one letter. The first person to spell out the name "VINCE" loses the game. This is the only game included with the board that is only a two-player game.

Game 3: Beat the Buzzer Edit

The buzzer (the board) will start to count down from five, eventually reaching number one. The player has to shoot a basket before the board can reach zero, and if they do it in time they win the game.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems to be the successor of the older Shot Clock Basketball set, which included a similar backboard.
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