Buzz Bee
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Stock Capacity:

3.25L of water


Water Warriors

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The Waterlord is a 2015 Water Warriors blaster that holds 3.25L of water. It is the biggest blaster in the 2015 lineup, and comes with high power to match. As one of the biggest blasters produced by the Buzz Bee company, its size rivals that of an Expedition, Blazer or even a Drench 'n Blast. It is classified as an elastic blaster, the first that Buzz Bee has produced in a very long time.

Description Edit

The Waterlord is a big blaster in the Buzz Bee Water Warriors lineup, and comes with big power to match. The blaster is equipped with "Hydro Power", which is essentially Buzz Bee's take on Larami's CPS bladder system, where the blaster has a rubber bladder that is used to fire the water, making it more powerful than the standard air-pressured blaster. It also comes with a nozzle selector, equipped with three nozzles; a small stream setting, a large stream setting, and a burst setting. The reservoir for the blaster is huge, and holds more water than what a CPS 1500 would hold.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Pump the blaster up about 20 times.
Step 2 - Pull the trigger to fire a shot.

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