Wild Glam
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

1 Collectible Dart

Average Retail Price(s):

19.99 USD


Rebelle Super Stripes

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The Wild Glam is a 2014 Nerf Rebelle Super Stripes blaster that holds 1 Collectible Dart. The blaster is an exact copy of the Rebelle Pink Crush, minus the bow limbs. The blaster bears the standard white paintjob and black striping like with all other blasters in the line. Like the Sweet Revenge, it comes with a lot of accessories. The Wild Glam comes packaged with six Collectible Darts, a belt clip, a holster and Vision Gear glasses. The blaster costs $19.99 and has a 75 foot range. It is a Toys 'R Us exclusive.

How to fire Edit

Step 1 - Load one dart into the muzzle.
Step 2 - Pull the blue cocking rod back.
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to fire the dart.

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