{{Infobox Nerf product
|Name = Wrist Flyers
|Company = Parker Brothers
|Brand = Nerf
|Year = 1982
|Status = Discontinued
|Price = $6.99 USD

200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued. It can no longer be found in retail stores.

The Wrist Flyers is a Nerf set that was released in 1982.

It comes packaged with a hand pump and 3 flyer planes.

The Wrist Flyers launcher is comprised entirely of a flexible plastic ring with a protruding plastic end for the flyer plane. It can be operated with one hand but reloading will require two.
The box is designed so that the top half kept the flyers, as well as printed inforamtion on how to "tune" the wings and order more flyers. The bottom half of the box houses the ring itself.

==Variations and color schemes==
In 1983, a Super Friends variant of the Wrist Flyers was made available under the name Super Powers Wrist Flyers. The ring was colored to red and the box colored to blue. Each flyer plane had a different superhero featured (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) on each wing. The box also contained an official entry form for the Super Friends sweepstakes.


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