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Super Soaker

XP (abbreviation for Xtra Power) is a highly successful Super Soaker series that was introduced in 1994. The series consisted of 28 blasters, the highest out of any vintage Super Soaker theme. The line started in 1994, where four blasters were introduced, all of which had good reception. More and more blasters came out as the years went on, with every consecutive year having a new XP blaster. The series even went on to spawn a sub-series known as XXP. After 2001, no new blasters were produced, and some of the older XP blasters made a shift to other lines. One blaster, the XP 215, is still being sold today under the Nerf Super Soaker branding.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name Year
XP105 XP 105 1996
XP110 XP 110 1998
Xp15 XP 15 1996
XP152000 XP 15: 2000 Edition 2000
XP150 XP 150 1994, 1998
XP20 XP 20 1998
Super-soaker-xp-215-single-geel-nerf XP 215 2001
Xp220 00 XP 220 2000
Xp240 XP 240 2000
Xp250 XP 250 1994
Xp270 00 XP 270 2000
Ss300 XP 300 1994
XP310 XP 310 2000
XP35 XP 35 1995
XP40 XP 40 1998
XP55 XP 55 1995
XP65 XP 65 1996
XP70SoakerTag XP 70 1998
Img3682xt XP 75 1994, 1998 (with bigger reservoir)
OrangeXP85 XP 85: Triple Shot 1997
Xp90 XP 90: Pulse Fire 1999
XP95 XP 95 1995
SuperSoakerXPBackFire1b XP Backfire 2001
XPPPB XP Pool Pumper Blaster 1997
Imgres-6 XP Pool Pumper Cannon 1997
XPTriplePlay XP Triple Play 2001

Trivia Edit

  • The last XP blaster to have been discontinued so far is the XP 220, which made its final appearance in the 2008 series.
  • There have been two controversial blasters in this line; the most of any line, the XP 75 and the XP 90: Pulse Fire. The XP 75 could forcibly eject its tank if pumped too much, while the XP 90's tank could explode if pumped too much.
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