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XP 110
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

1.2L of water



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The XP 110 is a 1998 XP Larami Super Soaker that holds 1.2L of water. It is a fairly large soaker and is the successor of the 1996 XP 105. The XP 110 featured a pressure gauge, something not many Super Soakers had even until that point, along with two pressure chambers.

The XP 110 was discontinued a few years later to make way for more powerful blaster designs, namely the XP 310. It is no longer available as its home line has since been discontinued. It is classified as an air-powered blaster with separate pressure chambers.

Description Edit

The XP 110 is a large rifle-sized soaker, with a blue body with red accents, purple reservoir, dual purple pressure chambers and a yellow pump, occasionally with black accents. The reservoir of the blaster has its cap tethered so that it would not be lost when unscrewed, and is sloped back to allow all water to be used.

Internals Edit

The XP 110 has internals standard for air-powered blasters for its time. It has a pull valve trigger, hoses, two separate firing chamber and an air pump among other things.

Blaster Co-relation Edit

The XP 110 was the direct successor of the XP 105, the XP 150, and Super Soaker 100, and predecessor to the XP 310 and Max-D 6000.

It is part of the third XP generation, along with the XP 15 Mark II, XP 20, XP 40, and XP 70.

Faults Edit

Like most other blasters, the XP 110 has faults. The main fault with the soaker is that it is rather weak compared to blasters of today, due to its small nozzle; the XP 110 has been somewhat outclassed by newer XP blasters, but still manages to hold its own.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Unscrew the tethered cap and load the reservoir with water.
Step 2 - Screw the cap back on.
Step 3 - Pump the blaster 11-12 times.
Step 4 - Pull the trigger to fire a stream of water.


XP 110 Commercial

XP 110 Commercial

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