For the newer version, see XP 15 mark II.

XP 15
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

60mL of water



The XP 15 mark I is a 1996 XP Super Soaker that holds 60mL of water. As the pistol of the second XP generation, it indirectly succeeded the Super Soaker 10, Super Soaker 20, and Super Soaker 25.

One of the more unusual things about this soaker is that it was made in two different models simultaneously. One had a green and purple body, orange tank, and red trigger and pump, and an upturned barrel. The other model, seen in the image to the right, had a yellow tank and straight barrel. The back of the packaging told buyers to "collect both hot styles".

The XP 15 mark I was intended to be succeeded by the XP 20. However, because the XP 20 was slightly too big to properly fill the "pocket pistol" role, the XP 15 was redesigned and re-released as its other successor, the XP 15 Mark II.

It is no longer available. It is an Air Blaster.

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