XP 215
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

125mL of water

Average Retail Price(s):

$7.99/$10.99 (Twin Pack)/$12.99 (Marvel)


XP, Max Infusion, Soaker Wars, Nerf Super Soaker

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The XP 215 is a 2001 Super Soaker XP blaster that holds 125mL of water. It is one of the smallest Super Soakers ever made and the third smallest XP blaster. It was released in the last year for the XP line, and has since been re-released in 2004, 2006 and 2008. It has undergone many different color changes, and has been released in the XP 215 Twin Pack, the Marvel Heroes Blaster Pack, the Max-D 3000 Twin Pack and the Arctic Shock Bonus Pack. It is an Air Blaster. It needs 20 pumps. Its successor is the Max-D 2000 and its immediate predecessor was the XP 15, which in turn replaced the Super Soaker 10, Super Soaker 20, and Super Soaker 25.

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