XP 250
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

2.28L of water



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The XP 250 is a 1994 XP Super Soaker that holds 2.28L of water. It is no longer available. It got great reviews. It is classified as an air-powered blaster. 12 pumps are required to pressurize the blaster. It was one of the biggest Super Soakers on the market and the 3rd biggest Air Pressure Soaker. If used with extreme caution, the XP 250 would potentially mow down ranks of opposing soakers with ease, and it could even defeat anybody using a CPS 2700 or a CPS 3000. A powerful four-setting nozzle selector fulfill the task of taking down your foes.

As part of the first XP generation, the XP 250 and XP 300 collectively replaced the old Super Soaker 200 and Super Soaker 300. However, both bore a stronger resemblance to the SS300 than either did to the 200. In fact, the XP 300 was just a repaint of the old SS 300, while the XP 250 was a partial remold of the same gun, sacrificing the backpack and rearmost pressure chamber for an integrated reservoir. It would be remolded again to make the XXP 275, the direct successor to the SS 300, while the SS 200 would be properly succeeded by the XXP 175.

The main downside is its shell; made of very fragile plastic. It could break if dropped on a hard surface. All in all, the XP 250 is a legend in Super Soakers and one of the best to add to one's collection.

Trivia Edit

  • The XP 250 is extremely sought after by collectors because of its size.
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