XP 35
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

450mL of water



The XP 35 is a 1995 XP Super Soaker that holds 450mL of water. Like its "big brother", the XP 55, it was part of an intermediate XP generation that combined the mostly-gray color schemes of the first XP generation (the XP 75, XP 95, XP 150, and XP 250) with the engineering principles of the second XP generation (the XP 65, XP 105, XXP 175, and XXP 275). Also like the XP 55, it was re-released in a mostly orange color scheme as part of the second XP generation. It is the direct successor to the Super Soaker 30, and predecessor to the XP 40, XP 240, and finally Max-D 4000.

It is notable for being one of the longest-lived XP soakers, and has been printed with the '94-'95 "silver" XP logo, the '95-'96 "lumpy shadow" XP logo, and the '96-'99 "eXtEmE NiNeTiEs" XP logo. It might be the only Super Soaker in all of history to be printed with three successive XP logos.

It is no longer available. It got good reviews. It is an Air Blaster.

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