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XP 90 - 6.75

WorldmapCountry: Singapore  Age Group: Teenager  GenderSex: Male
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The XP 90 is the light assault rifle of the XP line along with the XP 65.
Pros: Pulse fire feature, pulse fire feature helps reduce water consumption or make an amusing sound where necessary, light, good size for storage, packs decent power for its size, good range
Cons: Tank can explode if pumped too much, requires a lot of pumps as the tank also acts as the firing chamber, pulsing sound can give away one's location, cannot face off against CPS blasters, small nozzle limits accuracy

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While a decent blaster, it cannot face off against CPS-type blasters and the noise of the pulsating barrel could give away your position. Nevertheless, this is still a fun blaster to use.
Review by: NSA335
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