Z.E.D. Squad
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Stock Capacity:

Zombie Strike Darts, Elite Mega Darts


Zombie Strike

Z.E.D. Squad is a 2014 Nerf sub-series. It is the sub series of Zombie Strike. The blasters in the line bear different color schemes to blasters in the main series, with colors such as cyan, red, orange and grey. This line also marks the anticipated reappearance of the Longshot CS-6, as the Longshot CS-12, and the Stormfire, as the Clear Shot.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name
ClearShot Clear Shot
Ls12 Longshot CS-12
ZSMagnus Magnus

Melee weapons Edit

Picture Name
Chainsaw Chainsaw
CrowbarKit Crowbar Combat Kit
HammerKit Hammer Combat Kit
ZWrenchAxe Z-Wrench Axe

Miscellaneous Edit

Picture Name
HipBlasterHolster Hip Blaster Holster

Trivia Edit

  • Z.E.D. Squad stands for Zombie Epidemic Defense.
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