Zombie Strike
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Vortex Disks, Zombie Strike Darts

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Nerf themes

Zombie Strike is a new series introduced in 2013. It is based off a zombie apocalypse, and is said that these blasters are used to "kill zombies" and "survive the human struggle", although multiple products, specifically the Zombie Bandana and Z-Bombs, seem to be intended for the Humans vs Zombies game. The first 2 blasters to be released were the Hammer Shot and the Sledgefire, the first ever shell loading Nerf blaster. The line also incorporated Vortex and Super Soaker blasters.

Dart and Disk Blasters Edit

Picture Name Year
Brainsaw Brainsaw 2016
No Image Available Clampdown 2016
Crosscut Crosscut 2016
CrossfireBow Crossfire Bow 2014
Doominator Doominator 2015
DoublePromo2 Doublestrike 2014
No Image Available Dreadbolt 2017
Flipfury FlipFury 2015
Fusefire Fusefire 2014
HammershotNew Hammershot 2013
JoltZS Jolt 2014
No Image Available Outbreaker Bow] 2017
Ricochet Ricochet 2014
Ripshot Ripshot 2014
Sidestrike Sidestrike 2014
Sledgefire Sledgefire 2013
SlingfirePromo2 Slingfire 2014
Maxresdefault (13)
RevReaper 2018
81pTU+x7bxL. AC SL1500
Ripchain 2018
81RsKg6lIzL. AC SL1500
Wrathbolt 2018
S-l1600 (1)
Quadrot 2019
Revoltinator 2019
81aycfV0+2L. AC SL1500
Alternator 2020
Download (27)
GhoulGrinder 2020

Super Soakers Edit

Picture Name Year
Zspb Point Break 2013
No Image Available Dreadshot 2015
No Image Available Extinguisher 2015
No Image Available Splatterblast 2015

Melee Weapons Edit

Picture Name
2x4 2x4
Strikeblade Strikeblade
ZombieMachete Zombie Machete
Z-Bat Z-Bat

Other Products Edit

Picture Name
BlasterSleeveZS Blaster Sleeve
ZSCan Target Cans
UtilityPouch Utility Pouch
ZBombs Z-Bombz
ZombieBandana Zombie Bandana
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